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You know I think some of the greatest testimonials a practitioner can give are ones from their own personal experience. So I want to share a couple of stories with you where I believe without any doubt that B.E.S.T. saved my animals life literally.

My first life threatening experience was with my Hahns Macaw named Jake.  He like to pick on my dogs. Well, one day I hear from the other room Jake squawking loudly, a lot of commotion and dogs barking.  When I walked into the room I was horrified to find my rotwieller attacking Jake.  I yelled and swooped Jake up off the floor.  But, he had a hole in his neck and could not lift his head. I placed him on top of his cage and he could only drag his beak as he tried to walk and was very lethargic.  Immediately I began a B.E.S.T. treatment.  After treatment he seemed more alert so I decided to give him a little time and see what happened.  Well, within 1/2 hour my husband had come home from work and I had called him and told him the sad news.  He said to me " I thought you said Jake got attacked?" I said "he did". My husband said well he looks perfectly fine to me."  I looked in the room to find Jake standing upright, wide awake, head held high! I was truly amazed! 

The second time was when my outside cat was attacked by a dog.  He was pretty much lifeless, was still breathing but would not move.  As I picked her up, she was limp and I wondered if she would even make it into the house.  I began B.E.S.T. immediately and little by little her eyes began to brighten, and she raised her head a little. But she was not able to stand or move her back end.  I kept her inside that night and the next morning I was so happy to see her walking around.  She had a small limp but she was walking.  Today you would never know anything ever happened.


Now that's powerful!



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